The Baghdad cityscape in 1932.

Shoe sellers in Baghdad's famous bazaars.

Outside the Turkish citadel, Qualla'a. The Ottomans conquered Baghdad in 1534 and occupied it until 1921.

Pedestrians cross the Tigris River. Once a primary contributor to the Fertile Crescent, today the river is entrenched in pollution.

An elderly man speaks to a boy at the Haidar Khana mosque. It has since been damaged by bombings (2007) in a Shiite-dense part of the city.

Works hammer out copper using traditional methods.
King Faisal I (left) sits next to his brother during a lawn party at the Royal Palace of Baghdad. Many Iraqis mistrusted Faisal, as they thought he was too deferential to the British Tea merchants smile while on the job in Ur.
Pedestrians walk along the streets near the Midan mosque.

Men stand by a gufa on the banks of the Tigris. These boats are made from reed and asphalt, and can transport up to 20 people.


The Way Baghdad Was

Even before the United States set its sights on Baghdad, people began to note its decline. Long considered to be the intellectual capital of the Islamic world, in the early 1900s the Iraqi city had already begun its transformation into a “once was”.

Centuries of Ottoman rule and over a decade of British occupation allowed sectarian divides to fester, and would only culminate following the country’s 1932 independence and exploitation of oil. Around a century later, the formerly sophisticated center of Mesopotamia is embroiled ceaseless conflict, war and strife. Looking back to its days of normalcy makes present-day Baghdad all the more haunting. These 1932 photos courtesy of Foreign Policy show a Baghdad before the turmoil of the past half century.

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Artist Cleverly Sends Messages Through Artistic Visual Poetry

Vienna-based artist and visual poet Anatol Knotek has created more brilliant, powerful concrete poetry. 

thats fantastic and clever use of words, copy writing and visual to create a strong powerful messages. 

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Ignore the odds


Sometimes it’s discouraging to read the academic sites, like the Chronicle of Higher Education - so many of the articles have a negative tone. Don’t go to grad school, they’ll tell you; the odds of getting a tenure-track position are overwhelmingly against you. In fact, the odds of even getting…

#Believe in you and beat all the odds!


King Fahad National Library by Gerber Architekten

Located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where it can reach 50ºC, the façade has a solar penetration level of only 7%, and at the same time makes it possible to look both in and out. 

King Fahad National #Library by Gerber Architekten