Artist Cleverly Sends Messages Through Artistic Visual Poetry

Vienna-based artist and visual poet Anatol Knotek has created more brilliant, powerful concrete poetry. 

thats fantastic and clever use of words, copy writing and visual to create a strong powerful messages. 

(via yeslam)

Flawless .. I don’t know who did it be I know s/he is a master on photo editing.


Ignore the odds


Sometimes it’s discouraging to read the academic sites, like the Chronicle of Higher Education - so many of the articles have a negative tone. Don’t go to grad school, they’ll tell you; the odds of getting a tenure-track position are overwhelmingly against you. In fact, the odds of even getting…

#Believe in you and beat all the odds!


King Fahad National Library by Gerber Architekten

Located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where it can reach 50ºC, the façade has a solar penetration level of only 7%, and at the same time makes it possible to look both in and out. 

King Fahad National #Library by Gerber Architekten


و يمضي اليوم ١٢ من شهر رمضان .. تقبل الله صيامكم و قيامكم.